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AngularJS and Plunker

AngularJS is a powerful JavaScript framework for creating dynamic and interactive applications in HTML. It initially started in Google but now is an open source project.The project main site is at https://angularjs.org/ and the source code can be found at https://github.com/angular/angular.js.

One of the main reasons I have started looking into it is that it based on the MVC framework principle and makes writing JavaScript code a lot more fun.Another useful website related to AngularJS is the https://builtwith.angularjs.org/ where some amazing apps written in AngularJs are show cased and one of the most popular application has to be YouTube on PS3.

Plunker or plnkr is an integrated web development environment and is completely written in AngularJS.The plunkr website also provides us to write plunks(codes) and share it with other developers.

Plunker website

once you click on the launch the editor This is how the editor looks like.

Plunker Editor

There is also ability to search for popular JavaScript library and refer it in your current plunk.

Search in plunk editor.

Another feature I really like is the live preview which is quite handy when you are learning AngularJS as you can see the result of your code change in real-time.

Plunker live preview

The editor is pretty slick and easy to use and nice to see all the html,css and js file can be accessed from the left pane. There is also the ability to save your plunks online and it can also be download as zip from the top right download icon.

download icon

Some of the other features are ability to do real-time collaboration on Plunker and I recommend that if you are going to do any serious AngularJS development then try Plunker first.

Happy Plunkering !!!

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