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Azure Scheduler

In this post I am going to show how to configure the windows azure scheduler service as this service is currently in preview mode and is not directly available from the azure management portal. First thing we need to do is to browse to the preview services pages for windows azure
at http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/services/preview/.

Azure preview services

When you click on “try it now” button you will asked to sign-up with your windows live account and your subscription.

Once you have agreed to the terms and condition you will be able to see the scheduler service on your Azure management portal as shown below.

To schedule a job we first need to create a Job collection and the wizard will walk you through rest of configuration of the job.

On the next step I am going to configure the job action and there are three different types of job actions i.e. HTTP,HTTPS and Storage Account Queue and basically it means the scheduler can either invoke an http endpoint or it can read from the Azure Table Storage.

I am going to choose HTTP and going to use the MSDN RSS service for the time being but in a real world scenario this could be either a cloud based web service endpoint or it could be on premise hosted web service endpoint.

And the final step is to define the schedule time which is so easy to setup.

Now my scheduled job has been running for some time and I can view my job history and it even shows the occurrence of how many times the job has run successfully since I started the job.

You can also see the details of each job request and the data returned from the request and in this case the body of the XML returned from the RSS feed.

This feature can really be very helpful for your all scheduling jobs and you can start building hybrid application using cloud and on premises capabilities.

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