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Just Decompile

In this post I am going to talk about a free tool called JustDecompile by Telerik and I have been using it for sometime. I know a lot of people were upset when .NET Reflector tool was not free anymore and In my opinion it is a good and inexpensive replacement for .NET reflector.

The download link for JustDecompile is here.

Setup is a very easy 4 step process.

Just Decompile Setup

You can load different version of .Net framework as shown below.

Just Decompile UI
This is how the view looks when you open a .Net assembly.
Viewing an assembly

It has a nice search functionality

Searching assemblies using Just Decompile

One thing I use the most is language conversion between C# and VB.NET. I often have to work with legacy systems or other old projects where I have to either read VB.NET Code to understand the logic or write some code in VB.NET.And at times it is hard to switch gears between the two languages specially with each version of .NET adding complex language features like lambda expression etc.

I don’t know about you guys but this is how my brains works and I am not good at instantly switching between different languages and I find JustDecompile so productive as it allows you view the code in C#,VB.NET or IL Code.

Switching between VB.NET and C# Code

That’s it folks and Happy De Compiling !!!

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