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JQuery Snippets

If you are web developer or thinking into moving to the lighter side (with a pun šŸ˜‰ ) then you simply can’t ignore JQuery and in my personal opinion invest some time and energy into it and it will pay you off in the long run.

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the free JQuery ebook and I also blogged about how to roll out your own code snippet using the code snippet designer.

This post is about the jQuery snippets which I think is a great way of learning jQuery syntax. You can download it from here. Once it’s downloaded unzip the file, run the msi and complete the installation.

Before we start using the snippets lets browse to the “Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Code Snippets\Visual Web Developer” folder and as you can see there are two folders “My HTML Snippet” and “My JScript Snippets”.

Under “HTML Snippets” folder

Under the HTML Snippets folder

Under JScript Snippets” folder

Under JScript Snippets folder

If you open one of these snippet files you can see it is quite similar to what we did using the snippet designer and shows the full potential of using snippets in your own development environment.

Lets start using the snippets and get some jquery code in our page. Below is a simple html page and when we type the keyword “jq”

Just type in jq

and when we hit tab twice the snippet generates the base jquery code, it’s that simple.

Code generated by the snippet

Now it’s not too scary to get use to of jQuery syntax .

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