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The Art of Mocking – Part 3

Before completing the trilogy let’s have a quick recap on what we have done so far.

The Art of Mocking – Part 1
The Art of Mocking – Part 2

One of the biggest gotchas for mocking framework is that you can’t mock a sealed class and can only mock either an interface or an abstract class. If you every try doing it to a sealed class you get this exception.

Type to mock must be an interface or an abstract or non-sealed class.

We learned in the previous posts how we can design our classes using SOLID and TDD principle so that you can use mocking framework to test it in isolation, but how about a piece of code which has a dependency on an existing .NET framework class which is sealed or doesn’t provide an interface or an abstract. How would you approach mocking with that.

For example we had a lot of problems when we were using LinqToSql as it’s DataContext class does not provides and interface and the System.Data.Linq.Table class is a sealed class and the work arounds were not that great.

Lind Table class

It’s an interesting problem and this is where an interesting framework comes into picture and it’s called Moles Framework. Moles is part of the Microsoft pex and moles research project, it can be downloaded from visual studio gallery but for PEX you need a MSDN subscription.

I haven’t played with it yet but through the documentation I could see what its potential is, and if I come across something which I can’t mockup I will use it rather extracting interfaces and working on workarounds.

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