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Race Day Commander – Project Setup

I have been very busy with lot of stuff and haven’t been able to focus on the “Race Day commander” project, in fact the day we  put the prototype in codeplex we haven’t had chance to even look at it.

It was good that one of my mates downloaded the project and reported that he had some problems in running the project.I knew what the problem could be and thought I will write a few instruction on how to setup the project.

So here is how you can make at least the project up and running while we work on adding real bits to make it a real-life application.

  1. Download the database file(.bak) and the VS solutions file from here.
  2. Restore it in your SQLExpress database and the name the database as RDC.
  3. Change the connection string in both web.config files i.e. RDC.Admin & RDC.Web project, right now it says BART_PC\SQLExpress and change it to .\SQLExpress.
  4. Run the project and browse to http://localhost:22676/Event/Index/1 as the default routing takes you the home index page and we haven’t fixed it yet.
  5. Open a new instance of your browser and browse to http://localhost:32124/Comments/List.aspx and add comments. This is the dynamic data page which we tried to demonstrate during the demo.
  6. Enter a few sentences in the comment field and enter todays date time in format dd/mm/yy hh:mn:ss so that the comments get added as the latest comment.
  7. Flip back to the main application and you will see the comment appearing automatically.

In upcoming days i will start blogging into “deep dive” kind of stuff, meanwhile any feedback or comment is most welcome.

Race Day Commander
Race Day Commander with comments
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