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Race Day Commander !!

This is the“Race day Commander” app which Anthony and I build at the Sydney web camp, thanks to Anthony who finally put in on codeplex and looking forward for feedback and contribution.

Some of the key features of this projects are:-

  • ASP.Net MVC (using areas)
  • Dynamic Data (used for rapid admin system generation)
  • EF4 for Data Access (using SQL Express)
  • Asset Management (using telerik ASP.Net MVC controls)
  • AJAX (using jQuery)
  • Live updates (using jQuery)
  • Client side HTML rendering (using jQuery templates)
  • Strongly typed references (using T4MVC)
  • Error reporting (using Elmah)
  • JavaScript Graphs and Charts (using Raphael)
  • CSS3 (for styling)
  • View Models
  • Mobile Support (using custom view engine)
  • Compression (using gzip)
  • Typed App Config Access
  1. ozyogz
    June 3, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    Hi Prashant,

    The RDC project looks good. Very sleek and uses a host of technologies I have not used. I compiled and ran the RDC soln on my laptop but got a few jScript errors. I guess there were some bits missing on my setup. I will delve into the source code after reading a bit more on your blogs. Good stuff and keep up the good work.


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